The starting point of all achievement is desire.

We make the process easier and more certain for you!

The SOTA Weightloss Method blends the science of fat-loss with the ease of meal preparation, the comforting frequency of meals and snacks, as we help you into more useful and beneficial ways of thinking and feeling, creating exciting and amazing results quickly and efficiently.  A slim down program designed to address stubborn weight gain with a weight loss system that specifically targets body fat.  Our excited and enthusiastic clients travel from belly fat to belly flat in a relatively short period of time.  A remarkably transformative experience as hip and buttock fat melts, and the face defines.  You can look and feel many years younger, more fit, with greater energy, confidence and control.  The SOTA secret weapons are the right diet personalized just for you, sophisticated body composition analysis, effective behavioral modification taped sessions and tutorials, great tasting food products to make your process of slimming down easier and more convenient, compassionate and caring staff for coaching and support and maintenance weigh-ins for as long as is needed and at no charge.

SOTA Weightloss incorporates both an “inner” and an "outer" diet, complimenting a holistic approach to you slimming down for a life-time.


YOU are the key to your own weight loss success, and just as you had the ability to create a habit of weight gain, you have an equal ability to break that habit and replace it with a new one that is more useful and beneficial for your improved future. The SOTA approach will provide an easy and user friendly method of addressing emotional eating. Remember, you cannot change your weight until you change your mind.


A 30 minute brisk walk daily is advised for our SOTA clients. With excess weight comes foot, ankle, calf, knee, hip and back problems that can prevent exercise, so we simply encourage our clients to be active every day if they can. Exercise should be FUN, and as our clients let go of their extra weight, they find their joint and muscle conditions improve, overall energy level skyrockets and they become naturally more active. More fit clients may engage in cardio exercise, incorporating strength resistance exercises as they become more fit, active, and energetic.

* Before any exercise program first consult with your medical physician.



SOTA Mastery Technology

The SOTA vibration platform is certainly a client favorite and vibration research claims benefit to stimulating the lymphatic, blood vascular and neurological systems, especially in the feet, legs, hips and back.  The vibration platform improves circulation, flexibility and balance and helps relieve pain.  SOTA clients with neuropathy love the neuro and vascular stimulation that sophisticated vibration provides.

The SOTA Mastery taped sessions designed to  help re-posture the habit-anchored,  weight-gain mindset. Enabling you to shift into a more positive, encouraging and uplifting state of mind. The technology incorporates binaural beats specifically composed to compliment the alpha/theta brainwave entrainment.  Creative visualization in conjunction with stress reduction and relaxation techniques allow the user to experience a shift in brainwave frequency that is more congruent with a positive state of mind and into the direction of their desired state.

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New and improved habits, attitudes and behaviors can replace old habits, when you make that decision to change your mind. SOTA was designed for your success with safe, fast and efficient fat-weight loss. A SOTA man can lose 50-60 pounds of fat-weight out of his belly, often in 10 to 12 weeks.  A SOTA woman can lose 30-36 pounds of fat-weight out of her belly, hips and buttocks in 10 to 12 weeks.  Safe, fast and exciting weight loss is rewarding, encouraging, uplifting and empowering as you then reflect upon a younger and more energetic new you.

*Weight loss results may vary per individual. Those who adhere faithfully to the program protocol get the best results.

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