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The SOTA Weightloss® program is the number one weight loss program in America as it relates to client satisfaction and client results — and SOTA has the proof!

SOTA client satisfaction: Over 7,200 Google reviews
SOTA client results: Over 1,000 client photos and videos
Notice how much younger and healthier clients look in their After photo —
the result of the SOTA Weightloss® dietary protocol.

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Please note: SOTA client before & after pictures have not been photoshopped or altered in any way. 
SOTA client after pictures represent the dramatic transfigurations as a result of the SOTA Weightloss® dietary protocol. Weight loss results vary per individual.
Those who adhere faithfully to the program protocol get the best results. 
Clients in these before & after pictures have not undergone cosmetic injections, fillers, liposuction or facial/neck/body cosmetic surgery. 


*Weight loss results vary per individual. Those who adhere faithfully to the program protocol get the best results. 

Mike Shedd, Dallas Mavericks, Down 54 Lbs

Jeremy Holsopple, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Dallas Mavericks

​Chris Salcedo, Down 21 Lbs in 6 Weeks!

Chris Summer let go of 80 Lbs!

Kristen down 30lbs in her first 8 weeks

Mark & Liz let go of 130lbs

Nikki is down 20lbs in her first 6 weeks

Shelia is down 100lbs!

Chris Kruk, WBAP Radio

Ty Walker, The Ticket Sports Radio

Jacob let go of 174 Lbs!!

Lou, Down 64 Lbs

Allan, Down 71 Lbs

Mary Grace, Down 40 Lbs

Travis, Let go of 150+ Lbs!!

Kevin B. down over 160 Lbs!



Dan, Down 45 Lbs in 10 Weeks


Scott down 14 Lbs in 2 weeks!

Chris, Let go of 77 Lbs

Bob, Down 100+ Lbs!

Steve, Diabetic

John R., Let go of 154 Lbs!

Shayla, New Mother


Sherry found loads of energy!

Matt M., Maintenance Client

Matthew T., Down 75 Lbs

Beth, Let go of 80 Lbs

David, Let go of 90 Lbs

Peggy, Down 25 Lbs

Michelle, Down 42 Lbs

Loyd, Down 46 Lbs

Jon, Down over 35 Lbs

John, Down 65 Lbs




Brent, Down 65 Lbs in 11 weeks!

Brooke, joined with her husband

Corey Majors, Down 80 Lbs!

Cory, Down 31 Lbs in 12 weeks

Jarrel let go of 55 Lbs!




Darin, Down 29 Lbs!

Bob, Type 1 Diabetic

Bryan, Down 25 Lbs in 6 weeks!


David, Down 22 Lbs in 5 weeks!


Frank, Down 60 Lbs!

Deborah, More energy after 1 week!

Ed, Off his blood pressure meds after 3 weeks!


Ken W

Kevin, Down over 160 Lbs!


Kevin H

Kevin C. Down 45 Lbs in 9 weeks!

Kevin G. Down 105 Lbs!

Larry, Down 65 Lbs!

Leesa & Tim — Both Down 50 Lbs!

Mathew, Down 25 Lbs in 3 weeks!

Wilbert, Diabetic


Ranee, Down 50 Lbs!

Carl, Down 48 Lbs in 10 weeks!

Richard, Down 55 Lbs!

Ken W

Ken, Down over 26 Lbs in 5 weeks!

Suzanne, Down Over 44 Lbs!

Jonathan, Down 121 Lbs in 9 months!!

Stephanie, Down 38 Lbs in 14 weeks!

David B.

Lynn, Down 81 Lbs in 6 months!

Rick let go of 30 Lbs!

David let go of 81 Lbs!


Kathy, Down 35 Lbs!

Louie, Down 64 Lbs in 16 Weeks