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5on BirdEye,Feb 15, 2019


I love the fact that you guys are a Christian owned business and had praise music playing in your office. The staff was very friendly and helpful.

5on BirdEye,Feb 15, 2019


Staff at SOTA is helpful and friendly. They are involved and knowledgeable. Thanks for a successful week one.

3on BirdEye,Feb 14, 2019


Overnight the program seems good but for $1000 a month? That too much

5on BirdEye,Feb 14, 2019


I didn't know what to expect. But Jacob was so nice and put me at ease. He delivered lots of knowledge & information and was still empathetic to those of us who felt hopeless. Best of all, he customized my program to use whole foods. I think maybe it's not hopeless now. Very impressed.

5on BirdEye,Feb 13, 2019


Best weight management program of any available. SOTA is the best-great team of Counselors to keep you motivated and achieve your goal.

5on BirdEye,Feb 13, 2019


Very friendly and informative staff

5on BirdEye,Feb 13, 2019


Good experience for first meeting/consultation. Informative, encouraging. Excited about getting started.

5on BirdEye,Feb 13, 2019


All three of the people that I came into contact with were easy to talk with and very professional. Based on what I saw I will do very well with SOTA.

5on BirdEye,Feb 10, 2019


Tricia was great!! Just wish we could afford the program right now. Definitely will do it when I can.

5on BirdEye,Feb 10, 2019


The staff is very encouraging and will answer all of your questions. My fiance and I have only been on the program for one week and have lost 23.5 lbs combined! We are feeling more energetic and very proud of our accomplishment so far. Looking forward to the end results!!

5on BirdEye,Feb 10, 2019


SOTA is the greatest. I started in June 2018 . I weighed 358 lbs. Thanks to VictoriaJerusalem, and All the beautiful SOTA girls in Garland and Plano I have lost 80 lbs so far. I am going to lose 40 more and get on the maintenance plan soon. If you are serious about losing weight SOTA is the place. IT WORKS!!!

5on BirdEye,Feb 10, 2019


Very nice people who really care about your success!

5on BirdEye,Feb 10, 2019


All sounds wonderful and success stories are great. But it is just not something I can afford, although I wish I could there is just no way. Thanks

3on BirdEye,Feb 10, 2019


Staff was very friendly and informative . Price of program is too expensive

5on BirdEye,Feb 09, 2019


What's a good experience

5on BirdEye,Feb 09, 2019


Great program with wonderful support workers

5on BirdEye,Feb 09, 2019


Everyone was very professional and polite

5on BirdEye,Feb 09, 2019


I lost over 165 pounds, have been on maintenance over a year now and kept to my ideal weight. The SOTA team is always helpful and encouraging.

5on BirdEye,Feb 09, 2019


I have been working with the Plano team for almost 3.5 months and have hit my goal and feel better than ever! Thanks SOTA. What a great support team and program!!

5on BirdEye,Feb 08, 2019


I really appreciate the support that I continue to receive while on maintenance. I have ups/downs and the team helps me through all the events that challenge my new habits as I become more accustomed to living a healthy lifestyle. Thanks for holding me accountable and keeping me at my goal (for 18 months)!

5on BirdEye,Feb 08, 2019


Positive uplifting educational

5on BirdEye,Feb 08, 2019


Staff in Plano is awesome. When I walked in I felt at home. No judging from anyone. Knowledgeable, compassionate, and always there to answer any questions you may have. The program itself has been great so far, the food is great it fills me up and I have had more energy over the past 10 days than I have had in the past 5 yrs combined. Thanks SOTA for all you are doing.

5on BirdEye,Feb 08, 2019


Staff was awesome as usual.Friendly and listen to concerns and great at giving information to help. SOTA has changed my life and so happy to have found them.

5on BirdEye,Feb 07, 2019


Everyone I have met with so far has been upbeat and supportive.

5on BirdEye,Feb 07, 2019


Everyone was kind and supportive. I didn't have to wait long and they were very informative about the program.

5on BirdEye,Feb 07, 2019


Very informative and encouraging. Both are critical aspects to me – can’t wait to get started!

5on BirdEye,Feb 06, 2019


Informative. Everyone was extremely nice & excited to help!

5on BirdEye,Feb 04, 2019


I am so impressed by the very friendly, encouraging staff members. I had a bad fall in front of the building on my first day. I could not believe how helpful staff members were, including texts and phone calls to see how I was doing. I had a remarkable first week on the program.

5on BirdEye,Feb 03, 2019


The staff is always so helpful and really do care. They continue to keep me on track!

5on BirdEye,Feb 03, 2019


Mercedez is the very best! He is so friendly and knowledgeable. She makes our visit very enjoyable! The entire staff is great!

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SOTA Weight loss is devoted to fast and efficient weight loss. SOTA is designed to keep your blood sugar balanced while keeping your appetite and cravings under control.

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When you achieve your body composition ideal/healthy weight, you will benefit greatly from the much appreciated monthly maintenance weigh-ins, at no charge. An essential critical link to changing old habits and behaviors after the initial weight-loss phase is complete.

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