The SOTA-AT-HOME program is in high demand and has been designed for both local and out of the area clients. SOTA-AT-HOME has expanded into every city nationwide by word of mouth referrals of family and friends from existing SOTA in-office clients.

Your SOTA AT-HOME nutritionist coaching, support, and weekly accountability weigh-ins are 100% over the phone, from the comfort and convenience of your own home or workplace.  SOTA Weight Loss has 7 beautiful Dallas Fort Worth office locations and provides an expansive client base nationwide. Answers to your questions and daily support is just a text or a call away.  SOTA-AT-HOME NATIONWIDE is designed to make slimming down easy, exciting, highly effective and very convenient. 

Before you consider a SOTA  appointment we want to encourage you to take the time to read at least 100-200 Google client reviews to provide you with a better understanding and expectation for your personal SOTA experience. This is a tall order we know but so valuable in helping to replace fear, anxiety and uncertainty with faith, confidence and belief that SOTA will work for you as it has for so many others. Insight gained from reading a large number of SOTA client reviews is important to ready you mentally and emotionally for your relatively short journey to slim-down with SOTA weight loss. Also study our client Before & After photos to find body types similar to yours, allowing you to see how you will look at your ideal/healthy weight. Then watch 10 client experience videos to provide yourself a well-rounded understanding in preparation for your successful SOTA experience.



*Weight loss results vary per individual. Those who adhere faithfully to the program protocol get the best results.

85% of weight gain and weight loss is mental, emotional, habit and behavior. Any person contemplating letting go of their unnecessary fat-weight must be mentally and emotionally prepared.

Sota is very selective about when we start someone on the program. In other words, a person who wants to just “try” the program to see if it will work for them is at extremely high risk of weight loss struggle.

Years of stubborn weight gain is the result of addictions to what we call the junk food and drink, in all its varied forms. Attempting to let go of an addiction fails when the addict says, “I will try recovery.” Likewise, wanting to “see if the program/recovery will work for me,” is a risky approach. It is not a matter of the program working for you, it is a matter of you working the program. At SOTA, we make the slim down process easy and fun for the individual who is in strong desire and absolutely committed to a life-change.

If uncertainty, doubt, fear, and confusion cloud the mind, read each and every review, study every before and after client photo and watch each and every client experience video until your uncertainty, doubt and fear is replaced with faith, confidence, belief and peace of mind. When you start your SOTA program with the right attitude and strong desire, you will find yourself one powerful, unstoppable force for positive change in your life.

Not everyone is sincerely ready for change and if you are not yet ready, we strongly suggest that you wait and take time to think about it. Those who come back after giving it a period of serious thought, return stronger than ever before and they eagerly cannonball themselves into the program with great enthusiasm and commitment for success.

If you have hit that personal tipping point for change in your life and your desire, commitment and determination is 100%, then your success is as good as realized.

SOTA Weight Loss from the Comfort and Convenience of Your Home or Workplace

When you are ready, call our SOTA Dallas facility at 214-792-9700 for an appointment with your SOTA-AT-HOME nutritionist.

SOTA is proud and excited to have been declared the vetted and chosen weight loss program for the Dallas Cowboys organization and fans. If it is time for you to make that life-change decision, then take the bull by the horns and saddle-up with SOTA and the Cowboys, you will be glad you did.

SOTA-AT-HOME is the same high-quality service you would receive at a SOTA weight loss in-office facility and is ideal if you:

You will receive the same individualized care as do our local in-office clients, from the comfort and convenience of your own home or workplace. Your SOTA nutritionist will call you once a week for your weigh-in results, review of your SOTA diet protocol, answer any questions, and solve any issues. We are experts at identifying any metabolic slow-downs you may encounter and then incorporating the necessary diet and lifestyle solutions.

Monthly maintenance recovery weigh-ins with SOTA begin once you collapse what we call your “hungry fat-mass.” When you achieve ideal/healthy weight you will begin monthly maintenance accountability weigh-ins for as long as necessary and at no charge from this state of ideal/healthy weight.