I like having knowledgeable support keeping tabs on my progress, as well as being on hand to clarify and educate me for things as they pop up. I’ve been given a lot of time for my money, so paying for the convenience of handholding through the accountability to discipline, discovery, training and perseverance in love to achieve a good end result seems well worth it for someone like me. I could do this on my own, but I get distracted and don’t follow through. This is keeping me on track and I really like the feeling that I am certain I won’t quit and fall away. That’s one powerful incentive in the structure of paying upfront, but only when you’ve prioritized weightloss. I don’t feel like I’ve risked my financial investment, because I am absolutely certain I will attain the goal that will be so worth the money. It’s a weird sense of confidence, maybe unique to me, but SOTA is working for me. Thank you for not rushing me through my questions, helping to educate me, and for the availability to ask how to order at a particular restaurant that you’ll look up and give suggestions and advice. That’s super helpful.