SOTA Weight loss program is hands down the most revolutionary approach I have ever come across with tackling weight gain and wanting to eat healthier for life. Everything from the coaches greeting me at the door, to my weekly weigh-ins to let me know where I am at week to week, to the process and ease of the program were fantastic. I love the way it is centered on food choices and not focused on a bunch of diet pills. Their approach is very practical and realistic. I believe for the first time I made a huge investment in my life and it has reaped countless benefits.
1. I was on two blood pressure meds and now since losing 39 lbs. am taking off one and reduced the other.
2. I lost indeed 39 total lbs., starting from 236 down to 194-196lbs consistently. I have struggled with weight challenges my entire life.
3. I am rechecking my cholesterol to see about stopping that medication all together as well.
4. Eating every 3 hours taught me discipline, along with a metabolism boost and glucose level balance; both of which I struggled with mightily.
Finally as if there were not enough benefits and positive things to say. I have been able to gain a tremendous amount of energy since dropping the weight and being consistent on the program. I am able to work out most weekdays even after a long work day of 10 hours. By far and in large I highly recommend SOTA weight loss for you weight loss goals and needs.
Happy client