I really like having a coach that calls me weekly, or as often as needed to answer my questions and persuade me to do the things I need to. I also appreciate her knowledge on nutrition.

While on program, they have you cut out everything fun about food and eating. I did get results fast, but eating became a chore instead of something I enjoyed. I was not crazy about eating packets of food for 3 of my 4 meals in a day, but again, it did work to lose the weight.

Maintenance has been a little tricky for me. I have really appreciated my coach and her advise, even though I haven’t been listening to it well. I have been on maintenance since the middle of August (about 5 months) and I am up about 5 pounds from where I was when I entered maintenance. But I attribute that to me not listening to the program, not that the program doesn’t work. I know that I shouldn’t, but I miss the “fun” in eating and I over indulge more than I should.