Bfast – Food provided (cereal, oatmeal) was sickeningly sweet.
Lunch – Very limited choices unlike other diets. They flavored bouillon soup that was like drinking hot flavored water and Veggie Chili and Sloppy Joes get really old. Nothing tasted fresh or natural.
Bars – were great
Shakes – some way to sweet but OK
Chips – air filled and too sweet and all had noticeably phony flavoring

My goal was 20 pounds, but I could not handle the food and I’m not much a cook nor do I enjoy the prep. Only lost 10 pounds so I guess you could say I was partially successful with this program.

I appreciated getting the list of Dos and Don’ts so armed with this info, I am down 4 pounds on my own.

The various members of the staff were all really nice, encouraging . I could not get past the awful food choices they offered with their $2,000 2 month program. I learned I was not meant to eat like this, even for a short time. I did learn that carbs were my downfall so I adjusted my diet accordingly and lost an additional 3 pounds and counting. Hope to reach goal in a few months.