Over time and with age and pour eating habits I had gained about 40 extra lbs. I heard about the Sota program from the Todd Herman show and when I was ready or had enough of trying on my own I reached out for help. I was a little nervous about the investment and commitment but they filled me with confidence in myself and their support. It was an amazing experience. It was not easy but it was simple to follow and their daily or weekly support was outstanding. They were always there for me to answer questions and continue to encourage me to get through tough times. They taught me a new way to live. No longer would I try to outwork a bad diet. Now I eat healthy and clean and feel amazing. They taught me a new way to shop and plan and cook meals. I do not miss the old bad habits or junk food. I have continued to follow the protocols and make adjustments as needed now for over 2 years. I started about 220 and now am a solid 175. I have never felt stronger and healthier in my life at 57. I mountain bike and hike and weight lift most every day now. I am so grateful for the Sota team and their education and continuing support in my life. I highly recommend them to everyone.
Regards Barry,