9/11/23 I was at my worst…366#’s. Right then I knew shit had to change. I signed up…. 12 weeks, I’m thinking I’m all in. The first week was complete hell for me, granted I was also quitting alcohol for the first time…let’s just say I was a heavy drinker. However I was head strong and had the support staff of pure positivity, accountability, and guidance. Come the third week I’m coastin, had some alcoholic hiccups, however I’ve stayed mindful and maintained discipline to the diet and exercise …which is very important. To this day I hate walking, however I do it like I love it. So with that being said today (10/19) I weighed in today for shits and giggles, 324#’s. I feel amazing, I sleep better, my mobility is 10 fold from latter days, I’m down 3 belt knotches, energy levels are crazy, and finally I can look myself in the mirror and judge myself negatively! Gots 6 more weeks left of this journey. #letsgogetem’