I walked into the SOTA Weight Loss Center in Arlington 5 weeks ago, tired of being fat, but wondering if I was really ready to commit to losing 75 pounds.

Allison was at the front desk and the first person who greeted me. She immediately won me over with her warm smile and her energy. She introduced me to Alyssa, who did a great job of explaining how the program worked. I got even more excited when I found out she was a lefty. I took that as a sign I was in the right place.

I was initially concerned about the cost of program and said I would need to confer with my wife on my decision to sign up. Alyssa wasn’t concerned or pushy, and said she would expect her husband to do the same with her.

My wife was excited for me to start the program and I came back in two days motivated to get going on my journey to health. Allison did a great job of explaining how to succeed on the program. I lost 19 pounds in my first 4 weeks on the program and have confidence that I will reach my goal.
I am so excited about the increase in energy I feel and the looseness of my clothes. I am sleeping better, and I believe in myself again.

You end up working with everyone on the team and I love them all. They are true professionals that know their stuff! I sense that they genuinely care about my health and success. Whenever I have questions or concerns they always get back to me within 15 minutes with an answer and more encouragement!

This isn’t my first rodeo in my quest to get and stay healthy. I have had temporary success on other programs, but I’m really feeling confident that with the great support I consistently get from this team I am finally going to get over the hump and enjoy lasting change. There is truth in the old saying that you get what you pay for, and these guys are worth every penny I’m paying them.