I have completed 8 weeks on the program. The 2 nutritionists have been very helpful. Once a week we review my progress & the food log I submitted the previous week. I have lost 25 pounds on the program. I have experienced a week of good weight loss followed by a week of low weight loss consistently. Every week has been a loss but some were not as high as the others. I will not reach the goal I set in the timeframe I had planned in the beginning but I am trying to focus on the positive changes and know that I will eventually get to my goal weight. Some of the best accomplishments have been improved balance, eliminating knee and hip pain, increased stamina, weighing less than my husband, no longer having to wear spandex undergarments, & being comfortable in a modest swimsuit. Some difficulties I have had along the journey include leg and feet cramps in the evenings and occasional irregularity with bowel movements. Both of these issues were easily fixed with the help of my nutritionist. 22# to go!