Glory be to God; I am now 100 lbs. lighter! Honestly, at the beginning I was skeptical whether this program would work. I thought it would be another: big promises, little results; and then, gain back everything plus some.
I began SOTA the end of January and from that moment until the end of August I consistently lost weight each and every week. If I was discouraged about what I was eating, I was encouraged when I weighed each week.
The SOTA coaches are understanding and patient. They encouraged and supported me as I worked through the changes, I made to my diet in order to be successful.
The best advice I received was the reminder that “this was my program so make it whatever works for you”. In other words, my commitment that I put into the program would be my result/outcome.
Those words motivated me to embrace all of the experience. And the results are beyond belief. Not only has the weight come off, but I have new incites for nutrition. Or as my husband noticed about me – ‘you no longer live to eat; you eat to live’.
First and foremost, I thank God, for if I submit my plans to Him, He will establish my ways. And then thank you SOTA and coaches for all that you did to encourage me to be intentional about taking the next steps to become a thinner, healthier me!