I’m on my way to my target and I’ve lost 65 pounds so far. I started SOTA on my birthday when I turned 52. Prior to starting the SOTA program, I didn’t have the energy to make meals and ate a lot of delivery and fast food. I just couldn’t. My body craved carbs and I spent a lot of time thinking about what I would eat next. I planned my days around where I could find something good to eat. Lots of burgers, lots of milkshakes, lots of ice cream, lots of pizza, lots of nachos. I think I was an undiagnosed pre-diabetic and my body was insulin resistant. My body wanted to keep all my fat and it sabotaged my desire to lose weight. I couldn’t do the traditional calories-in, calories-out premise. It just wouldn’t work for me.

Doing the SOTA program is really easy with meal or food replacements, with a protein-healthy oil-veggies dinner, and I also have a daily snack mid-afternoon just when I feel that slump in the day. That slump has been greatly reduced since starting the program and can usually recharge with a quick walk or a glass of iced tea instead.

The recommended 30-minute walk each day has been doable and was a great start to getting back out there. I look forward to my daily walk. I live by Lake Michigan and it’s almost swimming season again. I look forward to rewarding myself with a swim after my daily walk. And, I’m no longer scared of being in public wearing a bathing suit. Since I now no longer have the extra weight, I just started a more intensive workout regiment, toning and building up my endurance.

It’s been amazing that my body is just shrinking and that I don’t see or feel “extra” skin. That really is true. Since starting, I have more energy, a clearer mind, a lighter feeling in my body, and I feel good about my body image. I started at a size 16 and am currently a size 6. I have about 10 more pounds to go and my progress has slowed a bit, which I’ve been told that can be typical for women. As I get closer to my goal, I need to be more exacting with the plan.

The SOTA program has been worth every cent, every effort, and life changing. I would highly recommend the SOTA program to anyone considering it.