After spending five months with the SOTA Weight Loss program, I feel it’s only right to share my positive experience, especially amidst some of the less favorable comments I’ve seen. This journey has seen me shed a remarkable ~70lbs, a feat I am incredibly proud of.

Firstly, addressing the concerns regarding food: this is not a gourmet diet. Those expecting lavish meals might be disappointed. But let’s remember the goal here – weight loss. And on that front, SOTA delivers efficiently. Is the food Michelin star worthy? No, but it’s functional and helps you achieve your weight loss aims. My favorite- Ranch Puffs.

On the matter of cost, I concede that it’s on the higher side. However, you often get what you pay for. To provide some perspective, I was initially considering the bariatric sleeve surgery which would’ve cost me $10k from my pocket. But before taking that drastic step, I decided to give dieting one final try with SOTA. The total expenditure? Roughly $6k. In essence, I not only saved $4k but also preserved my body’s integrity by avoiding a surgery that would have removed half my stomach.

In conclusion, my journey with SOTA Weight Loss has been overwhelmingly positive. The dedication of the people at the office coupled with the tangible results I’ve achieved only underscores the effectiveness of this program. If you’re serious about weight loss and willing to commit both financially and mentally, I wholeheartedly recommend giving SOTA a try.