I began the SOTA DIET in June/July of 2022 weighing 260 lbs. At the end of the 20 week period I dropped 85 lbs to 175. However I had dropped the weight so quickly that some people concluded that I must be sick. I reset my goal to 185 lbs and have maintained it thus far. The maintenance portion of this program continues to be a challenge. However, discipline is the key in following the program. Diabetes is much easier to manage with almost no medication. My knees are nearly painless and surgery for spinal stenosis has been postpone indefinitely!
I highly recommend this program for all who want successful weight management. I had two very knowledgeable and helpful coaches, Jerusalem and Avery, throughout the 20 weeks. I continue to receive a call each month ever since for the lifetime maintenance portion of this program. It is well worth the effort.