The people at SOTA have helped change my life. When I first started the program I weighed 262 pounds. I was exercising like crazy and not eating a lot of junk things, but no weight loss. After two collapsed lungs the pulmonologist told me losing weight would help my breathing. Had a physical with my PCP and he said I needed to do something as my health was not good.

Called SOTA and started their program. Since being on SOTA they taught me how, what and when to eat. My original goal was to get to 220 pounds. At the end of my program I was down to 167. At this weight I did not feel entirely comfortable-again my nutritionist stepped in, more education and encouragement and since the start of my maintenance plan I have weighed between 172-174 for the last 17 months. I feel great, have more energy. Can run up stairs and swim for 90 minutes straight without getting blasted. Thank you SOTA and Blanca for your care and life enriching program and care. I strong invite anyone who wants to change their health and life to call SOTA. You will not regret the call. It is a great place to win at the losing game. Call SOTA!!!