Sota changed my life. My doctors reports of my blood pressure to my blood sugar has all been perfect now and I can’t say enough now I needed the guidance of sota to give me the guidance in eating habits and exercise and together they are so key to success, it’s completely changed my life and I feel better and can do so much more,I lost right at 70 pounds in 4 months I was actually told to stop losing weight at one time but that’s fine. I’d rather be on that end of it then on the end that I was ,all I can say is, it’s really on all of us to do something for ourselves and unless you do that you won’t do it I have the positive attitude that I believe anyone can do this and if you hit a bump in the road that’s ok everybody does but if you quit then everything stops that’s what kept me going knowing that if I stop I have accomplished nothing so it was really on me thank you Sota for giving me my life back and a big thanks to my coach Jerusalem in garland for all her coaching and suggestions along the way.