I have to truly say that sota weight loss really changed my life between this program and my doctor it’s made a difference. I had no energy I really couldn’t do anything at the house. The only position I was comfortable in was laying back in a recliner and things never got better until I made the effort to get up and go do the sota weight loss program after talking to my doctor That changed everything now I wake up probably way too early in the mornings and probably don’t go to bed early enough at night, but it seems like I have the energy and the strength to do a lot of the things that I have done from home improvements to auto projects to whatever it may be I can’t say enough for what happened to me It was all worth it. It was always on me and because of my. guidance from sota, weight loss ,my coaches at the garland location and my efforts I completely changed everything for me I’ve lost almost 70 pounds and I’m maintaining it now if I start to look like I’m getting a little bit on the heavy side just a few pounds over I automatically start the weight loss again.and know exactly what to do.I’ll maintain this for the rest of my life as best I can.Thank you Jerusalem, and by the way, you shouldn’t let Avery get away from your location. She is wonderful.Thank you sota because now I don’t fear being on the diabetic side it changed my number from 6.5 to 5.2 all in about 4 months.Thank you Everyone.