1 Month away from 3 year anniversary since I started the diet.
Went from 279 all the way to 205 with a goal of 235 pounds. Crushed it! The key to maintaining my weight was understanding how good and what foods I need to watch.
The next most important thing in my success is yeruselum. She is absolutely heaven sent.
Her energy, her time, her encouragement, her amazing attitude, always positive no matter what, she made me feel like I want to make her proud of me, Just an amazing coach and I look forward every month to her calling me and checking in.
I brag on her to anyone I tell about how well that 90 day worked. I lost nearly 45 pounds in 3 months and then once back on normal food lost another 30 just applying the knowledge I learned while she was working with me each week. I hope I can meet her someday and look her in the eyes and thank her for being her, being in my corner and motivating me to find myself again.
If y’all really know who works for ya, she should be running the whole show.
So rare these days to meet genuine kind people.