Anybody tells you that this journey you have undertaken is easy just hasn’t got the t-shirt! SOTA has the program set out and with a bit of grit and determination anyone could make their goal. I started out at 185 pounds at 6’0″… not overweight, but had developed a bit of a spare tire and love handles. So we contacted SOTA and started down the path… consultations, weigh-ins, monitoring, anytime help. My SOTA consultants set a goal to lose 20 pounds. I hadn’t weighted 165 pounds in 20 years, maybe longer!! But on the SOTA program, I made weight and have actually settled in between 160 to 165 pounds. Pretty cool, right? The consultants were great, but if I had one area for improvement, I would ask that I had the same consultant throughout the whole process. I’ve been on maintenance no for 4 month and made it through the holidays and a very long international trip without putting on a pound. SOTA has been a game changer and I look and feel great. SOTA… thanks.