I must say, my first experience walking in the door was a 5/5 star, very welcoming and happy staff. I have a friend on the program who lost 70lbs and swears its the best health investment anyone could ever make. Although, if SOTA is going to be a company here to help people invest in their health and change their lives then maybe the owner should invest in training his/her staff correctly. I came in eager to start the program only to be told that I need to do my research on their website?!?! I am sorry but thats bad business. I planned my day to come in and ask questions ONLY to get answers. Not to be told to READ 500 reviews, ARE YOU KIDDING ME, read 500 reviews, watch their videos online and STUDY their before and after photos? That would honestly take hours out of anyones day, I am a grown man with a busy life, I don’t need a 20yr old college grad telling me how to invest my time. A comment was made that most people spend more time looking at a menu then their website, well its looks like the owner/trainer spends more time looking at floor while taking a poop then teaching staff how to inform people about the program. Great environment, lovely staff but how about SOTA spends more time training and STUDYING before I pay anything.