OK well I had debated for a while whether or not a ANY program would work for me especially since in my mind, I felt like I could probably do the weight loss thing by myself since I knew the SOTA program was basically KETO based. What I DIDNT consider however was the accountability aspect of the program which comes into play EVERY week that you come in for your weigh in. The adjustments along the way to my eating habits were most helpful as well by the nutritionists. BOTH of these factors then would have been missing with ANY self administered program.

I started the program at 234 pounds and during the last couple of years I had to take blood pressure medication I guess because of the changes in my body as I picked up the weight. my goal with the SOTA program was to NOT have to take that medication anymore as I am VERY anti-drug anything related.

So basically in 12 weeks time I went from 234 pounds to 197 pounds. My waist size was 38-39 inches and is now 35-36 inches. .MOST importantly to me is that I no longer have to take blood pressure medication and I DONT have sugar cravings.

THANKS to the guys and gals at SOTA!!!!