Ok well when i first started the program i was around 235 pounds and in about 12 weeks WE got down to a target weight of 197 pounds.

When I first started I never really thought of myself as being obese and my intention was to lose maybe 20 pounds or so. It was explained to me that my healthy weight was really around 195 to 200.

I didnt really agree with that but I relented because my thought was maybe SOTA knows alot more about nutrition and healthy weight than I did

So AFTER the weight loss to 197 I basically maintained that weight for 3 to 4 months. I then began to deviate from what SOTA had suggested and i found myself back up to around 220 in roughly 4 months time

I got back with SOTA again and admitted the error of my ways and they got me back on track again and I am currently at 206 pounds again after about four weeks.

The bottom line is if you will just do what SOTA suggests you WILL achieve the desired results. It is a lifestyle change but the benefits far outweigh the minor sacrifices you may have to make alone the way in terms of staying away certain foods and such .

Greg P