Let me say first that the program works. However, the business practices are questionable so buyer beware. One of the main selling points is that after the program is complete you have a lifetime membership with soda where you can come back for support as well as I’m weight loss maintenance program. This is only true if you hit your goal for weight loss and it’s not your goal, it’s their goal. Also, I was told that the last week that I came in I would be receiving the supplemented food products and yet when I arrive, they said no you don’t get them . Misinformation is a huge disappointment with SOTA. The staff in general was very supportive, but not once your time is up it’s almost as if you are a bother. I really don’t like leaving this review because I rarely leave uncomplimentary evaluation but I felt that those out there who were signing up for the program, should know to ask about, the weight loss maintenance program and that last week worth of food. I was so shook by not getting the food for the last week because I hadn’t prepared myself for it neither emotionally mentally or food wise. I’m not even sure I’m gonna go back for the monthly check-in that they offered me Because I don’t think they’re going to live through what they said they will do if I hit my goal within a few months and again it’s their goal not your goal.