My overall experience was amazing. My sota specialist team was fantastic! Jade, Jen, Marissa, Julia, and Bella were all awesome! The support and knowledge they provided was excellent. Communication was always quick and helpful. They were always one text away ready to send information to help me. Not only were they great coaches but also great people that would listen and care about problems or stress that I was going through. I’m glad I get to communicate with these people for a lifetime of maintenance! The food was great, and the food orders were a breeze. My favorite part was the team was always willing to adapt to my needs or make the experience as easy and convenient for me as possible with my schedule. The team being able to check my fitness pal log was awesome and made logging my food so easy. I would recommend these people and the program to anybody. I wanted to get my parents on a call so they could ask questions and they were more than happy to which meant a lot to me.