Having “been there, done that” on just about every fad diet out there, SOTA is unfortunately no different. If you’ve been around you’ve head of Medifast/Optivia (5 tiny packaged meals, 1 real food meal per day). That should sound grossly (no pun intended) familiar. We hit Medifast hard! Saw some results but definitely not sustainable. The one thing my consultant did say which I agree with, weight loss is 90% diet, 10% exercise. Having tried to prove the inverse of this statement (90% exercise, 10% diet), I whole heartedly agree. But tiny food packets that pretty much have the same taste/consistency (doesn’t matter if it’s a brownie or a soup!) isn’t the way, especially at ~$325 per week! Don’t be fooled! A “supplement” is a tiny packet intended to be a meal. I think they twist the word “supplement” slightly.