SOTA is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I am down 76lbs in 19 weeks that’s about 4lbs a week. I have learned better eating and exercising habits and follow the plan and at this rate I will hit my goal of 190lbs this summer by my 46th birthday. I have fallen off the wagon once or twice but the staff at the Plano shop are always there to help and encourage you. I really started to lose the weight once I was fully working the program. When I started I was barely able to walk the 30 mins we start the program with. 19 weeks in I can now work out with my wife 5 days a week at Camp Gladiator, go hiking with my kids. All things I was not able to do prior. SOTA gives you the tools you need to make this a life style change. I have done just about everything prior to this including a gastric sleeve. I you are really ready and you really want to lose the weight this is the program. Commit to it, use all the tools they give you and don’t be afraid to call the office or just stop by. The Plano group is always there even when I just call with little questions. They are as invested in your weight loss as you are.