My husband and I contacted them to obtain more information about the program. When asked for more detail about the food products under the program, they were extremely vague with information. They sent what they refer to as a “2 week food supply” and then charged our account $3,900. The items arrived, which are shown in the picture below. After looking at the items in the box, there was no way this program is worth mere prepackaged shakes, bars and mixes. Since we had not signed the agreement yet, we contacted them immediately to let them know we were not interested in this program and requested a refund, less the cost of the items sent.

A credit posted to our credit card today for $2,600….which is $1,300 less than what was originally drafted from our account. I wasn’t expecting a full refund; however, 2 boxes of SOTA shakes, bars and mixes ended up costing us $1,300.

The program appears to be no different than NutriSystems, Optavia and related programs with the exception they are ridiculously overpriced.

Buyer beware…be ready to empty your wallet for nothing more than prepackaged shakes, bars and mixes.