I’ve finally been able to loose weight after years of failed diets. When I was home and focused, the diet worked really well. I had a hard time when I was traveling, staying on it. But that was probably more me not planning better. It is quite restrictive, but definitely works. I have missed not eating fresh fruit.

I think my biggest hurdle is myself and going off the plan when I was on vacation.

Alyssa was fantastic to work with as my coach. I do need to use the meditations more and work on the mental side of changing my diet. I’ve lost 20 lbs. but have 20-25 more to go. Overall, the SOTA weight loss plan worked and was easy to follow. I just need to stick with it better.

I’m going to be transitioning to store bought food, and off the SOTA products, but still on the weight loss plan. The program works, but is pretty pricey. But again, it works, so I feel it’s worth it.