If you can consume large amounts of MSG and Sucralose in their “snacks” and in their meal plans then I can’t tell you if it works or not. I signed up for the program paid my large fee for 3 months then discovered in their starter pack that almost every one of their products contains sucralose and or MSG. Before I paid for the program I did ask about ingredients and was told that they do not have MSG. I asked for a refund and got a partial one as they kept 550 dollars for not what I do not know? I paid at my cost to return their MSG and Sucralose laced products and all I got was run-around BS reasons why they couldn’t give me a full refund. Always hiding behind they would get “with corporate” like corporate sits in some ivory tower and if you are lucky they might respond back to the local office you are forced to deal with. Buyer definitely beware.