SOTA did great. The diet works IF you have the desire to lose weight. Your desire to be thinner has to be greater than your desire for food. I’m a 6″5″ male with low blood sugar, (hypoglycemic). Over the lst 20 years my weight has steadily increased. During the pandemic my weight went from 180 to 210 lbs. My doctor told me to lose 25 lbs. My blood sugar would be easier to manage at 180 lbs. He was correct and with SOTA help, who assured me my blood sugar would be stabilized, convinced me the weight could be lost. The first 2 days was very difficult for me as hunger to me was a forerunner of lower blood sugar. With the diet that did not happen. So, after we got used to the diet it became workable. If any of you are hypoglycemic this may give you some assurance. Also, with a great wife to monitor, record, and fill out all the forms the system did work for us.
High praise for SOTA is in order. Do it if you want better health, more energy, and better fitting clothes of yesteryear.