If you’re ready to commit and change your life for the better SOTA Weightloss is 100% the way to go! I’ve tried for 3 years to lose weight and I’ve been unsuccessful. I tried starvation diets, 8 weeks challenges ect…and I’d always end up gaining the weight back. With Sota it’s been the opposite! I’m finally losing a ton of weight and keeping it off! I’m not starving on the SOTA program and I’m losing about 2.5lbs consistently each week. I’ve lost 25lbs in 10 weeks and it felt easy compared to all the other diets/programs I’ve tried in the past. This really has been life changing for me, I still have about 5 weeks left on the program, but so far it’s been amazing! My confidence and happiness has increased so much since starting SOTA. If you are dedicated to the program it will work!