Averaging 3+pounds weight loss per week. So I’m on track towards my goal. So far 20 lbs gone in about 6 weeks. My knees feel better already.
The nutritionists are very good.
You must be diligent with your food journal.
It’s not that easy but what in life is. The audio series is helpful as it’s like self hypnosis.
Get used to lots of salads.
A couple of the food packets are gross.
Positives: the ranch crisps,. the protein bars are excellent and are the best I’ve ever had. cream of chicken soup, orange, pineapple drinks are tasty, the cereal is good.
For almond milk try MALK.
Stick with it and you’ll succeed. Remember, your extra weight didn’t happen overnight and your weight loss will take some time also.
Kudos to Trisha, Jen and Faith