I decided one day I wouldn’t go another day feeling unhealthy. The next day someone told me about SOTA. It sounded like it was a good program to investigate I knew my life was overwhelming at the moment and I just couldn’t fit in a program that added complexity to my life

It sounded right for my life at the time Simple and helped me easily get and stay on track With counselors who listen and get me moving forward in a consistent basis And got me loving walking and rowing again every day

My weight is down, I’m feeling great, my body doesn’t hurt any more, and the ONLY downside is I need to buy new clothes to fit my new slim self I still have a little way to go to be at the weight I’ve always wanted to get back to!

And that’s a weight I was 30 years ago!!
I’m very sure I’ll make it and I’ll stay there with the maintenance and SOTA counselors to encourage me. Thank you !!