Great process, but missing the necessary instruction I felt I needed for permanent progress, such as meal plans of foods I can find locally, not highly processed, not too expensive. I mean complete meals. not simply individual recipes.

Maybe that comes later, but I could have been developing a complete overhaul of my previous diet. Which is still needed.

Second, I found that with the SOTA meals, my normal exercise routine accelerated muscle growth and didn’t give me the planned weight loss. That was an eye opener, as I previously didn’t gain muscle much any more. I was instructed to back off of the exercise, which I did, but I am chafing to resume as I lead a rather strenuous lifestyle and I miss it.

All in all, very good , folks! I went from 215 down to 178 lbs. Still have a stubborn belly bulge about 5-6 inches in diameter which is still reducing, and can feel my abdominal muscles again. Went on a hunt at the end of October. Had energy to spare after covering 50 miles on foot over three days. No deer in the freezer, but it was a singular joy to be out and feeling good physically.
Thank you so much.
Mike Gomm