The SOTA team is great! They are very helpful and encouraging! I love my time with them. I do have a couple of concerns. I absolutely hate the fact the office closes so early on Saturday. “Most” people are off on the weekends and I feel like Saturday hours should be extended. It’s a real struggle at times to find that time. Second, I joined right before the COVID pandemic kicked it. I’ve been to the office twice in the last five weeks. I’m happy the business is taking precaution to protect all involved however, I feel like me having to pay FULL for service is not right. I feel like all the protein products I’m buying could be found at a vitamin shop. During this entire process the center pushes “all” your numbers on the scale. At the current moment I’m only able to monitor my weight at home. I appreciate the accountability and the check ins but at this time I’m not sure it’s worth the money. I say this because during every phone meeting something the staff is always concerned about is how I’m going to make a payment…. And i understand it’s fees I owe and will continue to pay. But I don’t think it’s right clients are expected to pay full price for rendered services. I’m paying FULL price for half the services. I’ve been successful on the program so far! I’m excited about that.