All was good until the end. Once I ran out of money to pay anymore, It was like I had developed a bad disease. I paid $1950.00 for 5 weeks. That is $390 per week. At the end of the 5 weeks I was going to be on weekly at $325 per week but due to unforeseen circumstances, I just don’t have the funds to go on. I found it odd it was $390 a week and then $325 a week. $1950 would work out to 6 weeks a t $325 per week. I sent a message to the person handling me at the Preston Road location with this question but she will not answer me. I feel I was treated very badly and would never recommend SOTA to anyone. You do lose some weight but the food is horrible. If you know how to cook and can follow the Keto program you will have success without spending a fortune. I am very disappointed.