Last Saturday was our consultation. My husband and I did not receive the paperwork and my husband contacted soda once or twice by Friday. He reached out again Saturday morning, and our person emailed it to us and said to check spam. It was not in spam. Neither one of us received it until 15 minutes before our appointment. I will admit that we were both a little hyped up when we were told we needed to reschedule the appointment and we said no. We wanted to come in at our scheduled time and it was just a little uncomfortable and awkward. I began our consultation with an apology to our consultants to break the ice and she was lovely. After we got on the right foot, it was a great meeting. My feedback for the consultation is that it seemed a little rushed with less information about the program and how it works… But we did watch the video. During the video a couple of people came in and asked us questions which was distracting. My feedback for the food is that my plan says that I can have one to two products at lunch but I was only given five for lunch so I was only able to eat one. And the quality has been good and filling. We both loved the chili! We both love the pancake and the oatmeal. It has been surprising to us thatWe have not been hungry, because we both have a substantial amount of weight to lose. We love it so far! I am not sure what assisted by Traci Horton means underneath this feedback but I do not know who that is. This is voice to text please disregard typos and grammar mistakes.