I heard about SOTA on KOA radio in Denver. I have never been on a diet before, but at 73 years old, the need had arrived. I was at a high of 207 lbs, and started the program at 203 lbs. After six weeks , I am at my goal of 184.6 lbs. I will go on maintenance as soon as I reach 180 lbs. All of my lipid panels, and blood pressure are at the bottom of the scale instead of the top, and I feel great! Obviously, the program works. It is expensive, and it involved a huge eating adjustment for me. A lifestyle change that was needed. I was surprised by how good all of the recipes are…simply and surprisingly delicious. The expense adds to your commitment, and is worth every penny. The nutritional coaches have been very helpful, positive and energetic. I recommend SOTA to anyone who is serious about their weightloss, and well being.