My Nutritionist, Avery, is excellent but I have enjoyed the other nutritionist I have engaged with as swell. The structure and support that SOTA offers is what has helped me.breakthrough to losing weight, and give me the confidence that I will make this part of my daily behavior. Learning the three principals of:: what to eat; when to eat; and how much to eat, is a the key. Although this sounds simple, and it is, it doesn’t change your results by knowing these principals, unless you log your daily results and have the weekly conversation with your Nutritionist. Have the SOTA food items shipped to you, provides a good way to follow their plan and the SOTA recipes are also excellent and very tasty and filling. Without the structure of logging what I eat and when to eat it, along with being accountable to a Nutritionist on a weekly basis, I wouldn’t have enjoyed the results I have achieved. This is learning how to change the way you think, behave, and developing the confidence to make it part of your lifestyle.