I purposely waited until I was sure of the results before sharing my opinion of the SOTA program and I must say…it absolutely WORKS. I started my program at 231 pounds on December 4th, 2019 and after 15 weeks of following the directions of the SOTA team, I am at 182 pounds.

They tell you to expect to lose 3-4 pounds a week and they were exactly right, even though I lost more in the first few weeks. They also estimated that I would lose 40-50 pounds, even though I was only looking to lose 30, but they were also correct on that point. I originally paid for 13 weeks and after friends started seeing the results, a couple signed up which gave me 2 additional weeks at no cost and helped reach my final goal. Keep in mind that all of this occurred over Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day, and a birthday, it requires discipline and dedication.

The SOTA program is not cheap, but then again neither is surgery needed for weight related illnesses or the cost of prescriptions and co-pays to control weight related conditions. The cost helps ensure you dont waste your money, but seeing results that haven’t been achieved in more than 30 years of trying without doing something radical surgical procedure is priceless. All of the health metrics that were out of control for me, such as cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, and the such are now normal. I have also been able to completely stop some medications. That stuff is PRICLESS.

You learn to develop new habits to replace long engrained bad ones you have been living with all these years and you learn what, how, and when to eat to make your body loss the fat. I now have new habits, eat better, including vegtables I would not have ever eaten before, exercise regularly and learned you need to track everything you put in your mouth and was able to do all that while maintaining a busy professional work/home life. It’s not impossible and it’s not easy either, but results are immeasurable. The Frisco SOTA staff are some of the friendliest and supportive people you’ll meet.

I definitely recommend the program and have met others that have lost far more weight than I have along the way and our experiences were the same. If you follow the program, don’t cheat, and stay disciplined, I’m sure you would achieve similar results.