A SOTA consultant explained the program very well. She deserves 5 stars. Although, the confusion began with my Dr. telling me (at no fault of SOTA) it was a nutritionist consultation program for $75/6 months. I paid the $25 “initial fee then am waited2 days to chat with a SoTA rep. to tell about their “product based Weightloss system. In my intro, I specifically mentioned I’m not interested in a product based program, I am interested in a nutrition consultation program. So,,,For my initial Weightloss, just to begin (6&1/2 months) would be $6600. Regardless if I use their products or not.
So, $25 to listen to the sales pitch. Hind sight, that should have been a free consult. I didn’t receive any services, products, or knowledge for the initial fee. Other than chatting with a very nice lady. I get it, it’s a business, but the initial phone call and payment plan fee should have disclosed more about the program. I’ll pass on the $39/day product base program. And find what I was looking for initially. Thank you.