The Dignity Model

The Dignity Model provides a framework for understanding how the experience of dignity can help strengthen relationships, resolve conflicts, or make organizations more successful, and how violations of dignity inevitably damage relationships, incite conflicts, or undermine organizational cultures.

As Hicks writes in Leading with Dignity, “The emotional volatility associated with having our dignity honored or violated cannot be overstated. When people feel that their value and worth are recognized in relationships, they experience a sense of well-being that enables them to grow and flourish. If, in contrast, their dignity is routinely injured, relationships are experienced as a source of pain and suffering…. Why is this knowledge important for leadership? If we are going to lead people, we better understand them.

SOTA Partners with Feeding America

SOTA Weight Loss is an enthusiastic partner again (this year) with Feeding America. Contributing $14,000 this year, to Feeding America and its food relief networks, to help bring healthy meals and hope, to children, seniors and families at risk of hunger (food insecure). More than 800,000 people in the North Texas area alone, face hunger.

27% of families in our local food bank networks such as North Texas Food Bank in Plano, and Tarrant Area Food Bank in Fort Worth,, have to make the decision each month of being able to feed their family or pay their housing.

95% of every dollar donated goes directly to programs for those in need, such as food collection and distribution.

13 Million children face hunger and depend upon food banks for their food assistance.

20% of those in need of assistance served in the military.

SOTA Weight Loss provides area residents “state of the art” weight loss services with its 7 SOTA locations in DFW. SOTA helps clients easily slim-down and regain their health by making wiser food choices and portion control. Sadly, in all of our neighborhoods in DFW are families, children and seniors who are food insecure and go to bed hungry. SOTA is passionate about hunger relief efforts in DFW and supports the heroic efforts of our local food banks and local food bank volunteers.

We encourage you to visit your local food bank, you will be impressed with the magnitude of expert programs and services provided our neighbors in real need of hunger relief. Volunteering at your local food bank is fun, inspirational and rewarding.

We sincerely thank our SOTA staff/team and our dedicated SOTA clients for helping take a bite out of hunger in Dallas Fort Worth. 1 in 6 children in America do not know where they will get their next meal, this is a sad fact. Please consider support of your local area food bank with donation or volunteering. A visit and tour of DFW food banks will blow your mind as to the need and the sophisticated services they provide families and seniors, often times that is a family in need, living just across the street from you.

Weight Loss Buyer Beware

SOTA advises weight loss consumers to investigate weight loss companies/programs they are considering signing up with. Preposterous claims, herbal supplements, metabolism accelerators, hunger control pills, dietary supplements, fat burn pills, injections, snake oil potions, very low calorie diets, plus fake and misleading weight loss claims are rampant and a major public health hazard.

Below is a great consumer article offered by the NCBI.